✚ Herb Williams ✚

Made of Stars_Rabble and Rouse_Herb Williams

It’s no surprise that Crayola’s biggest customer is also one of the most colorful people you’ll ever meet.  Nashville artist Herb Williams fashions playful, subversive sculptures out of our favorite childhood medium.  Who the hell doesn’t want to grow up to be a famous Crayon Artist, tackling social issues, and getting his community’s art scene on the map?


This fella is a dreamer-doer heavyweight.  A dream literally led him to crayons, his future and his voice. Then he woke up and did that shit.

Keep a note pad by your bed, y’all.

Made of Stars_Nashville Artist_Herb Williams

The best thing about this guy isn’t his unique talents, his beard or his phenomenal taste in t-shirts.

It’s how committed he is to lifting others.
How he walks the talk.
How he recognizes the same star stuff that resides in everyone he encounters.

He loves Nashville so hard, you can’t help but join in.  Love is contagious.