Take Up Space

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As women, we’re conditioned to make ourselves smaller, literally and energetically.
We make room for men to spread out on the train, for the elbows on a crowded sidewalk.
We don’t want to inconvenience anyone or stand out for any reason other than being a strong woman.
We don’t want anyone to think we are “too much.”
We don’t want to disturb the comfort of others.

So we lower our voices.
We repress our feelings.
We squeeze into small spaces.
We shrink ourselves.

This is a reminder to take up space, your space.
To allow your footsteps to reverberate.
To “be too much” because that’s their problem, not yours.
To allow yourself the room you deserve.

20% of all proceeds go to progressive causes and nonprofits.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Rabble + Rouse shirts will be custom printed specifically for you so we cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the artwork or fabric is flawed. Please confirm your sizing before ordering.

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Men's/Uni Tee, Women's Scoop


Charcoal Gray


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